GEM Studios  2021 Movie Premiere - 10-17-2021
The 12:30pm Premiere (10-17-21)
"The Good, the Bad and the Dancing"
"Oh, Betsy!" 
"The Dark Stuff"
"What a Load of Bunk"
The 3:00pm Premiere (10-17-21)
"That One Bad Therapy Dog"
"The Least Ghastly, Bloody War Movie Ever Made"
"Dye #1627"
"Lost in Continuity 2: Blip!"
The 5:30pm Premiere (10-17-21)
"The Hemingway Box"
"Case File 7: Summerween Scarefest on Chess's Big Break"
"The Backwards Girl" 
"Undone" - Break Your Story Productions