Gideon Entertainment & Media Productions' 2020 Movie Premiere -  October 25, 2020
The 1pm Premiere (10-25-20)
The Investigators (Shoot Date: 6-22-20)
Production Company: Connor Goes Ahhh Productions
Writer: Theresa Carroll & Lee Irving  /   Director: Lee Irving   /   Editor: Nick Mielnikiewicz
Meteorite Flight (Shoot Date: 7-13-20)
Production Company: Kitty Cat Productions
Writer: Christian Watson   /   Director: Lee Irving  /   Editor: Sarah Coughlan
A Dad in Jail (Shoot Date: 6-27-20)
Production Company:  Push Button Get Banana Films
Writer: Lee Irving   /   Director: Rafael Petlock  /   Editor: Lauren Permenter Davidson
The Candy Crazies (Shoot Date: 8-10-20)
Production Company: You Cannot Destroy Me Films
Writer: Makenzie Sisson   /   Director: Lee Irving   /   Editor: Grant Bailey
The 4pm Premiere (10-25-20)
The Eye of Cyclops (Shoot Date: 7-20-20)
Production Company: Beep Beep...oops wait that was last year's name... Productions
Writer: Brian Smith   /   Director: Rafael Petlock & Lee Irving   /   Editor: Ric Edevane
What Are We Gonna Do??? (Shoot Date: 6-15-20)
Production Company: Yeah, Good Movie Productions
Writer: Lee Irving  /   Director: Lee Irving  /  Editor: Lee Irving
The Most Ghastly, Bloody, Gory, Explosive War Movie Ever (Shoot Date: 8-17-20)
Production Company: Head Explodey Productions
Writer: Lee Irving  /   Director: Lee Irving & Rafael Petlock   /   Editor: Lee Irving
The 7pm Premiere (10-25-20)
Wow, Spooky Board (Shoot Date: 6-22-20)
Production Company: Lee + Evil = Leevil Productions
Writer: Christy Wall   /   Director: Rafael Petlock   /   Editor: Nick Mielnikiewicz
Ghost of the Gray House: Into the Flames (Shoot Date: 7-13-20)
Production Company: You Know What? It Was Me Productions
Writer: Grace Walton & Lee Irving   /   Director: Rafael Petlock   /   Editor: Ric Edevane
Dooby Scoo (Shoot Date: 7-27-20)
Production Company: Lee is my Dad? Productions
Writer: Talley Brown, Ray Conrad & Lee Irving   /   Director: Lee Irving   /   Editor: Lauren Permenter Davidson
Lost in Continuity (Shoot Date: 8-10-20)
Production Company: Eliminate the Bourgeoislee Films
Writer: Rafael Petlock   /   Director: Rafael Petlock   /   Editor: Lee Irving